From the minute you walk into the salon to the second you walk away with voluptuous locks, HeadRock promises to deliver a high-class service every time.


Providing clients with the latest trends as well as acknowledging hair as a health concern and not just a cosmetic one.


Every client will walk away with a unique cut & style personally designed just for them.


A place to relax and lose yourself in a serene & characterful salon whilst admiring the local art displayed on our walls, each month we display a different artist.



‘HeadRock is a team of individual creatives, each client should receive the highest level of customer & hair care, after all we do wear our hair everyday! I aim to deliver a bespoke haircut & style which falls perfectly into place when you wash it at home, not just at the salon.

As a nation we spend lots of money on keeping our nails manicured, apply daily lotions to our skin…not to mention the amount we spend on gym memberships & keeping our wardrobes on trend, so why don’t we regard our hair in the same way? We wear your hair everyday so I believe that we should be taking better care of it, giving hair the TLC it deserves and change our hairstyles along with our wardrobe. The majority will happily pay good money for a pair of new jeans or a dress for the weekend without giving it too much thought but we seem to neglect our precious locks and trips to the salon. We forget that keeping our hair healthy is equally as important as the rest of our body.

HeadRock aims to change the way we perceive our hair by giving clients a uniquely tailored style to suit your individual needs and desires but to also maintain hair so that it is in keeping with the rest of your image & health/beauty rituals…Visit HeadRock and let us Rock Your Hair.”




"Thanks Rebecca for the curly blow dry my hair is so soft and full of volume."

Lauren Reily

"Loved my amazing bouncy wavy locks today! Thank you Rebecca Gladstone you're no doubt gonna be a star."

Kate Downes

"Hair looks and feels healthier and softer"

Harriet Barr

"Thanks for the blow dry last night my hair feels amazing I love it! Would definitely love to come back for a cut."

Sarah Imogen

"Absolutely loved my blow dry today! Curls to die for"

Hannah Mckibbin

"Used to dread getting my haircut but love it now, thank you Rebecca Gladstone for transforming my hair! Looks and feels so sleek and healthy’"

Liv Mutter


Telephone: 07949 771717

Email: headrockhair@gmail.com

3 Glanville Place